Most of my us are too busy to cook so we rely on quick meals
like breakfast bars, sandwiches, and fast foods from the drive thru.

With so many healthy diets plan these days, it can be hard to know what is good for our bodies. Here is a completely different view of food, one that has been established for thousands of years.

Our General Wellness and Nourishing meals – perfect for everyone!


The body will need sufficient calories and nutrients; eating the right foods can decrease risk of infection, speed healing of the incision and increase strength and energy. The best wellness and nourishing foods to eat are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

From targeted benefits to organs, improving vitality, complexion to improved general well-being, we have specially prepared wellness and nourishing delivery meals package for you with an interesting menu to meet your lunch and/or dinner needs for you and your family.

Before instituting major changes in your diet, it is good to have a plan.

You can customise your meals based on your dietary requirements. Consult one of our Yong Kang TCM’s doctors to find which meal best fits your body constitution. Before you know it, you will be eating a healthy diet of TCM that energizes you while providing long term benefits to your overall health.


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Enjoy the great tasting meals and feel the goodness of the nutrition helping you shape a stronger and healthier well being.