Post-Surgery Nourishing Meals

//Post-Surgery Nourishing Meals

Post-Surgery Nourishment

For those who have undergone surgery, they need to be mindful of their diet.

Post-surgery, the body will need sufficient calories and nutrients to fully recover from the procedure.

Eating the right foods after surgery can decrease risk of infection, speed healing of the incision and increase strength and energy. The best post-surgery foods to eat are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

As the health food specialist, Rejuven caters to customers who have had surgery. With specially prepared dishes that will bring immense health benefits. Recovering patients should not be troubled by their food choice and intake.

From targeted benefits to organs, improving vitality, complexion to improved general well-being, we have specially prepared meals package for you.

With an interesting menu to meet your lunch and/or dinner needs for you and your family. You can choose a Revive meal (single meal package, lunch or dinner) or a Restore meal (twin meal package, lunch & dinner).

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Enjoy the great tasting meals and feel the goodness of the nutrition helping you shape a stronger and healthier well being.