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Guided by TCM and proven age old Chinese recipes, we prepare healthy delights to rejuvenate your body with quality herbs. These include,

Black Beans 黑豆

Black beans strengthens your kidneys, nourishes the Yin, boost your blood, brightens your eyes and promotes diuresis.

Licorice Roots甘草

This helps to replenish Qi (vital energy), improves stomach and spleen functions, clears heat, detoxifies, expels phlegm, controls cough and acute reactions, stops pain and modulates harsh properties of other herbs.

Red Date 红枣

Red dates have properties that can strengthen the spleen and stomach Qi. This helps to digest food, tonify blood and clears the mind.

Chinese Wolfberry 枸杞

Wolfberry nourishes the liver, promotes better vision, invigorates the kidneys and replenishes essence.

Bulbus Lilii 百合

It nourishes Yin and moistens the lungs, used for indications like chronic cough due to Yin deficiency, and blood in sputum. It also helps to clear heart heat and calms the spirit.

Radix Sapishnikoviae 防风

This enables pharmacological activities like antioxidant and antimicrobial. It is also used to aid chronic rheumatism.

Fructus Mume 乌梅

It astringes intestines to check diarrhea and the lungs to check cough. It quiets ascaris and promotes generation of fluid.

Radix Bupleuri/Red Thorowax Root 柴胡

The root has qualities that include treating fever, soothing and relieving liver of depression and ascend Yang Qi.

Chinese Magnolia Vine Fruit 五味子

This astringes the lungs and nourishes the kidneys. It also helps to produce body fluid, control sweating, consolidate essence and relieves diarrhea. It can also calm the heart and soothe the mind.

Astragalus Root 黄芪

This root invigorates Qi and ascends the Yang Qi. It protects Qi and consolidates the exterior of the body. It also promotes diuresis, relieve edema, support Qi to promote skin/ulcer healing and promote tissue and muscle regeneration.

Hawthorn Fruit 山楂

It enhances digestion and relieves food retention. It also promotes Qi, improves blood circulation and removes blood stasis.

Roselle/Hibiscus Sabdariffa 洛神花

This helps to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It aids in the digestive and immune systems too, and inflammation issues. It is reputed to boost metabolism and help in gradual weight loss. It can also cure liver disease and reduce risk of cancer.

Cassia Seed 决明子

Cassia seed helps to clear liver heat, improves vision, lubricates intestines and promotes good bowel movements.

Chrysanthemum 干菊花

Chrysanthemum disperses wind and helps to improve vision. It also clears body heat and aids in removing toxins from the body.

Tangerine Peel 陈皮

It helps to promote flow of Qi. Tangerine peel can also arrest vomiting, dry dampness and clear phlegm.

Red Beans 紅豆

Red bean induces diuresis to alleviate edema. It can also clear toxin and expel pus.

Cortex Albizziae 合欢皮

This herb induces tranquilization and can relieve depression. It also aids to activate blood and relieve swelling.

Radix Polygalae 远志

This herb calms the heart. It also induces tranquilization, dispel phlegm for resuscitation, cure abscess and relieve swelling.

Arillus Longan 桂圆

The arillus longan strengthens the heart and spleen. It also nourishes the blood to induce tranquilization.

Poria 伏苓

Poria is mainly used for conditions like general swelling, urinary difficulty, dizziness, palpitations, poor appetite, loose bowels, diarrhea, restlessness, anxiety and insomnia.

Spine Date Seed 炒枣仁

This boosts essential functions including calming the heart, relaxes the mind, body tranquilization, nourishes the liver and control excessive body sweating.

Dried Bulbus Lilii 干百合

It has the effect of calming the nerves, regulating the spleen, strengthening the stomach and eliminating dampness.

Burdock Root 干牛蒡

It purifies the blood, strengthens the lymphatic system, diuretic and heals the skin. It also provides good defence against diabetes and cancer. Burdock root also improves arthritis, treats enlarged spleen and fights tonsillitis.

Codonopsis Root 党蔘

This herb helps to boost the immune system, promote mental sharpness and boosts memory.

Angelica Root 当归

Angelica root replenishes and activates blood. It also regulates menstruation, stops pain and lubricates intestines. It is commonly used to treat sallow face, dizziness, palpitations, menstrual disorders, pain, traumatic injuries, constipation, carbuncles and sores.

Fleece flower Root 何首乌

This herb replenishes essence and blood. It also fortifies kidney and darkens hair. Fleece flower root is used to relieve toxicity, lubricate intestines and promote good bowel movement.


Enjoy the great tasting meals and feel the goodness of the nutrition helping you shape a stronger and healthier well being.