Note: Rejuven meal plan recipe is formulated with Chinese herbs. Patients are responsible to consult with their attending doctor to check if the meal plans are suitable. By ordering Rejuven meal plan, the company hereby shall not indemnify the customers for any reason of discomfort due to the ingredients in the recipe. Should you have any queries, please contact us at 8845 4822.

注意:Rejuven 药膳含有中草药。顾客有责任咨询他们的主治医生,以查看Rejuven药膳是否合适患者食用。本公司在此声明将不会对任何因食谱中的成分引起不适的顾客而进行赔偿。如有任何疑问,请致电 8845 4822 与我们联络。


All meals come with:

1 x serving of rice
1 x serving of herbal tonic soup
1 x serving of main meat dish
1 x serving of main vegetable dish
FREE 1 x serving of daily tea (not replaceable and not exchangeable)

*Disposable containers are microwaveable. It is advised
to keep the food warm in thermal bag if not consumed immediately upon receipt.

We will deliver our highly nourishing tasty meal at your doorstep.

Please be advised: No thermal bag will be given for the Trial Meal.

1 份五谷饭
1 份养身药材汤
1 份肉类主食
1 份蔬类主食

[附送] 1 份养身茶





Delivery Time

Lunch – 10.30 am to 1.30 pm

Dinner – 4.00pm to 7.00pm

We deliver from Monday to Sunday, including public
holidays, except Eve and 1st three days of Chinese New year (4 days).

Delivery Info
We deliver to most parts of Singapore except CBD district
and certain parts of central Singapore.

**Please check whether we deliver to your location or not before ordering**

Delivery Area / charges: 

Rejuven meal delivery covers island wide.



午餐 – 上午10点30 至 下午1点30
晚餐 – 下午4点 至 晚上7点

我们从周一到周日都有送餐,包括公共节假日,除了农历除夕和大年初一,二,三(共4 天)。

我们送货到新加坡大部分地区,除了 CBD 区以及新加坡中部的某些地区。



  • Full payment must be made upon confirmation of your booking to secure the allotted booking slot.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not received on time.
  • ERP charges applied if delivery area falls within ERP zone.

     Mode of Payment

  • PayNow UEN: 201133441K
  • Bank Transfer: UOB A/C: 3873100832 
  • Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal
  • Cheque Payment: Cheque on first day of delivery. Please issue cheque made payable to “THE LIFESTAR GROUP PTE. LTD.” And pass the cheque to the delivery crew. Please indicate the invoice number on the back of the cheque.
  • 确认您的订单后必须全额付款才算完成。
  • 如果未按时收到款项,我们保留终止服务的权利。
  • 如果送货区域在 ERP 区域内,则可能产生另外的ERP费用。
  • PayNow UEN:201133441K
  • 银行转账:大华银行账户:3873100832
  • 信用卡、借记卡、PayPal
  • 支票付款:在送餐的第一天支付。支票支付给“THE LIFESTAR GROUP PTE.”,并将支票交给送餐人员。请在支票背面注明订单号码。


  1. Full payment must be made upon confirmation of your booking to secure the allotted
    booking slot. We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not fully received
    on time.
  2. Package upgrade cannot be done by topping up the difference to the quoted price.
  3. Delivery
    a. For delivery commencement or any changes in delivery, do contact us at least 3working days in advance
    b. Delivery hours: Lunch (10.30 am to 1.30 pm) Dinner (4.00 pm to 7.00 pm). You are advised to keep food in the thermal bag if not consumed immediately upon receipt.
    c. We deliver daily including public holidays except for Eve and 1st three days of Chinese Lunar New Year (4 Days).
    d. For non delivery area, we have the right to charge $6 per trip for a meal plan.
  1. Meal Reschedule
    Customers are allowed to make 3 changes to their meal delivery schedule. Exceeding 3 times, there will be $5 admin fee applied to every changes made.
    a. Customers must notify us at least 3working days in advance for any meal reschedule (Monday to Friday,8AM to 5PM). Any skipped meal notice within 3working days will not be accommodated and the amount is not refundable if unconsumed.

    b. All skipped meals will be replaced by extending meal plan end date.
    c. No refund in cash will be given. 

  2. Terminations
    All bookings made are deemed final.
    a. Any order applied with promo code is strictly non refundable.
    b. A promotional free gift is strictly non refundable, or free gift original price will be imposed for any termination or amendment.
    c. An administrative fee of $100.00 will be imposed for any termination or amendment. Any discount given will be voided. Unconsumed meals will be refunded without a discount: 
    1) Wellness and Nourishing Meal Plan
    Consumed meals will pro-rate at $48.00 per meal.
    2) Herbal Essence- Diabetic Meal Plan
    Consumed meals will pro-rate at $37.00 per meal.
    3) Herbal Essence- Cancer, Stroke, Post-Surgery Meal Plan
    Consumed meals will pro-rate at $42.00 per meal.
    4) Customization Meal Plan
    Consumed meals will pro-rate at $70.00 per meal.

  3. Video consultation service is non-refundable. 24 hrs advance cancellation is required, or service will be forfeited.
  4. Due to the seasonal nature of vegetable and products availability, we reserve the right to change the menu without notice.
  5. The meal will be delivered in food grade disposable plastic containers. Rejuven happily deliver meal plans with customers own containers, under no circumstances will the company be held responsible or liable in any way for any containers claims, damages, losses, or cost whatsoever .
  1. 确认您的预订后必须全额付款以确保分配的预订时段。如果未全额收到付款,我们保留终止服务的权利
  2. 套餐升级不可以通过补足报价的差价来完成。
  3. 送餐
    a) 任何送餐日期的更改,请至少提前 3工作天与我们联系
    b) 送餐时间:午餐(上午 10.30 至下午 1.30)晚餐(下午 4.00 至晚上 7.00)。如果您收到食物后没有立即食用,我们建议您将食物保存在保温袋中。
    c) 我们每天都有送餐,包括公众假期,除了农历除夕和农历新年的第一,二,三天(共4 天)。
  4. 更换送餐日期
    a. 如需换日期,客户必须至少提前 3工作天通知我们。如通知少过3工作天将不受理,也不接受退款。
    b. 更换日期的套餐将以延长订单结束日期的方式进行替换。
  5. 终止订单
    a. 任何使用促销代码的订单均不可退款。
    b. 促销赠品严格不予退还,否则将收取赠品原价。
    c. 任何终止或修改将收取 $100.00 的管理费。给予的任何折扣将作废。未食用的餐点将无折扣地退还。已食用的餐点将按原价计算:
    1) 中医养身药膳
    已食用的餐点将按每餐 $48.00 收费。
    2) 降血糖药膳
    已食用的餐点将按每餐 $37.00 收费。
    3) 抗癌、中风、术后药膳
    已食用的餐点将按每餐 $42.00 收费。
    4) 定制药膳
    已食用的餐点将按每餐 $70.00 收费。
  6. 视频咨询服务不可退款。若欲取消需要提前 24 小时通知,否则将不提供服务。
  7. 由于蔬菜和产品供应的季节性,我们保留更改菜单的权利,恕不另行通知。
  8. 我们使用的是食品级的次性塑料盒。我们非常乐意使用顾客自己的餐盒,但是在任何情况下,公司将不对任何顾客餐盒的损坏、损失或费用承担任何责任或义务。

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