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Holistic Stroke Patient Recovery:

Food Therapy & TCM Treatment

Rejuven is glad to have Yong Kang TCM Clinic to provide its treatments to Rejuven customers who are in need.

Yong Kang TCM Clinic has more than 10 years of experience in TCM industry and its good reputation has generated more than thousands of loyal customers. 

TCM Home Treatment for Stroke Patient

Acupuncture (针灸) and Tuina (推拿) are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an alternative and complementary strategy for stroke treatment and for improving stroke care.

It is proven that acupuncture and Tuina is effective in improving balance function, reducing spasticity, and increasing muscle strength and general well-being post-stroke.

With the combination of Herbal Essence meal plan and TCM treatments, the symptoms of stroke will improve significantly.

Food Therapy

Specially Designed

All the menu and recipes are specially designed for stroke patients by TCM physician.


7 to 28 days meal plan with different menu everyday to provide balance nutrition.


We deliver to your doorstep, and we cover most of the areas in Singapore.


RichFood has more than 15 years experience in healthy food industry.


We provide customization meal plan to customers who have special health condition, our physician design the menu based on exactly what you need.

TCM Treatments


We arrange our team to the location at your convenience and preferred time.

Fully Qualified 

All TCM physicians are TCMBP registered and therapists are highly qualified with years of experiences.


We have a total of 8 outlets operates more than 10 years and our company still growing. 


All staffs are fully trained to the latest hygiene measure of the government.

No Hidden Cost

TCM Home Treatment for stroke patient @ $198 per session, including consultation, treatment, and logistic. No weekend and peak hour surcharge.

Herbal Essence Meal Plan for Stroke Patient Package

SINGLE MEAL (Lunch OR Dinner)


DOUBLE MEAL (Lunch & Dinner)


TCM Home Treatment for Stroke Patient Package

1 session (45 mins)

now @ $198

NP: $298

6 sessions FREE 1

now @ $1,188

NP: $2,086

1 session includes: Consultation, TCM Treatment (Acupuncture or Tuina), TDP Lamping. Our physician / therapist will travel to your premises to support you with the treatment. No additional travelling, weekend, and peak hour surcharge.

TCM Home Treatments

Each session includes consultation with physician, TCM treatment (Acupuncture or Tuina), and TDP lamping therapy. The physician will customize the treatment plan for patients at the first visit.


Patients are required to meet our physicians for consultation before they proceed with their treatment.

An advanced appointment is strongly recommended. All of our physicians are registered under TCMPB and MOH.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice that originated thousands of years ago. It is based on the premise that a blockage or disturbance in the flow of the body’s life energy, or “qi,” can cause health issues.  

Physicians insert hair-thin needles to specific acupuncture points throughout the body to restore the flow of qi, balance the body’s energy, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation.


TCM Tuina treatment is based on the human internal organs anatomy and TCM meridians, combined with the anatomy and pathological diagnosis of Western medicine, and it is applied to specific parts of the human body surface to adjust the physiological and pathological conditions of the body to achieve physical therapy. In nature, it is a physical therapy. 

Tuina appointment will be advised based on physicians recommendation.

TDP Lamping

TDP Lamping therapy can increased blood circulation, and remove blood stasis. Its thermal effects may help alleviating symptoms, such as muscle tension, stiffness or spasm, inflammation, swelling and pain.

The physician will then place the lamp 20-30 cm from treating area, maintaining a safety distance. Exposure time varies from person to person.

TCMBP Registered Physicians

The physician team consists of highly qualified TCM practitioners who have been in the scene for many years. Their immense knowledge and expertise are gradually shaping the future of medicine and wellness care, and are striving to provide treatments best suit every patients.

Huang Xiao Rong

Physician Huang graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM Practitioner Board.

Chen Yin Chu

Physician Chen graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a registered TCM practitioner in Singapore.

Lin Yan Ling

Physician Lin graduated from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM Practitioner Board.

Lee Ching Chai

Physician Lee graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM practitioner board.

He Xue Fen​

Physician He is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist in Singapore.

Zhou Xiu Juan

Physician Zhou has been a licensed pharmacy of TCM herbs of PRC and Singapore TCM practitioner board registered.

Xiao Li Ming

Physician Xiao graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Medicine from the joint program between Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and a master’s degree.

Liu Yang

Physician Liu Yang graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Singapore registered TCM Practitioner Board.

How to Book?

  • Booking will confirm within 24hours
  • Booking will only be confirmed when payment is fully made
  • Cancellation must be notified at least 24hrs in advance

Payment Method

  • PayNow UEN: 200604871C
  • Bank Transfer: UOB A/C: 3873099265 
  • Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal


TCM Home Treatment is outcall service. Treatments done by TCMBP registered physician or TCM qualified therapist from Yong Kang TCM Clinic.
Focus on TCM treatment for stroke patients (acupuncture / tuina)
Yes, we hear you!


Our company has implement “Low Towels Rules”
– We reduce usage of towels, however to home service we will be using customer’s towels.


Besides, we also use:
1. non woven disposible bed sheets.
2. all products are non sharable.
3. all TCM tools are disinfected with alcohol before use.
4. all acupunture needles are disposible.
5. hand sanitizer, before and after every treatment.


More than 48 hours of booking time – 100% refund
Less than 48 hours of booking time – 50% refund
Less than 24 hours of booking time – 0% refund
Refunds will be processed within 10-14 working days.



More than 48 hours of booking time – no surcharge
Less than 48 hours of booking time – $50 charge for last minute reschedule

Please contact us via Whatsapp +65 8845 4822 for booking.

We accpet payment via PayNow, PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.
We do not accept cash payment.
  1. nice and spacious space to lay down for acupuncture or tuina
  2. clean towel
  3. small chair for therapist to step on / sit on
  4. pillow

All booking should be done 7 days before the treatment date.

If you wish to make urgent appointment for the treatment (within 7 days from order date), there will be $200 surcharge.

Please contact us for any urgent appointment at +65 8845 4822

  1. Full payment must be made upon confirmation of your booking to secure the allotted booking slot. We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not fully received on time.
  2. Package upgrade CANNOT be done by topping up the difference to the quoted price.
  3. Cancellations
    Customers must notify us at least 48 hours in advance for 100% refund. Less than 48 hours notification will refund 50% of treatment price; less than 24 hours notification will be no refund.
  4. Rescheduling
    Customer must notify us the reschedule of booking 48 hours before the treatment time for no surcharge. Less than 48 hours notification of reschedule will charge $50 for last-minute rescheduling.
  5. Urgent appointment
    Customer who wish to make appointment within 7 days of the order date will charge $200 for urgent appointment.
  6. No-show policy
    Customer who miss the appointment without cancelling or rescheduling is considered as cancel without prior notice, there will be no refund for the treatment.
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