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By definition, to rejuvenate is to make someone look or feel better, younger or more vital.

In today’s context, we are confronted with more stresses that impact our physical well-being. From work related, lifestyle we lead, our diet, environmental surrounding and personal health issues. For some, it can take a greater toll than others.

Rejuven is a brand dedicated to rejuvenate, strengthen and restore the body to peak condition.

Single Meal (Lunch Or Dinner)

Single Meal (Lunch Or Dinner) Package

Lunch or dinner, choose a tasty and nourishing option to rejuvenate the body to top condition.

From $479.36

Twin Meal (Lunch & Dinner)

                                        Twin Meal (Lunch & Dinner) Package

Both lunch and dinner, enjoy optimal benefits to rejuvenate and restore vitality and peak health to your body.  

From $479.36

Excellent service , food delivered on time and on top of it all delicious meals . Will definitely recommend for people looking for nourishing and wellness meals
I recently had an operation regarding my torn knee ligament and couldn't walk properly for a few weeks. The timely food delivered to my doorstep from Rejuven made the ordeal much more tolerable! I felt warm and comforted when I ate their modern take on herbal foods.
Instant replies and straight to the point. The food is delivered on time, I enjoyed the food, tasty and nutritious. Will definitely order from them in the future!


Enjoy the great tasting meals and feel the goodness of the nutrition helping you shape a stronger and healthier well being.