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An Easy Access To Longevity and Health

All our meals are prepared by Rejuven’s top chef under the consultation of doctors appointed from Yong Kang TCM. These recipes aim to nourish and nurture our customer’s well-being amidst the fight against Covid-19. Let us be your guide to the start of your well-being journey.

Making TCM Simpler and Closer To You

It started with a conversation between individuals who are passionate about making life with TCM. Through a shared vision, they combine each other’s expertise to create a new line of food delivery service to bring healthy, convenient, and delicious meals closer to you.

Wellness &
Nourishing Meals

Filled with lots of antioxidants, fiber, and natural healthy herbs, our very own designed wellness nourishing meals comes with 1 soup, 1 rice, 2 dishes, and 1 tea in a set. This set is our standardised option that suits people who have no special dietary requirements.

Ten Herbal Chicken Soup 十全鸡汤

This soup nourishes the Yin and is good for replenishing blood. It also helps in pain relief, improves eyesight & invigorates the liver.

Lungs Enhancement Soup 肺部增強湯

This soup has moisture and soothing effect for refreshing your lungs to remove phlegm and cough.

Herbal Essence
for Cancer Patients

Feeling exhausted from chemotherapy? Brighten up your day with our signature herbal essence package consists of delicious meals, desserts, and tea, all made with TCM herbs chosen by our doctors and chefs for your well-being.

Herbal Essence
for Diabetic Patients

Say goodbye to sugary meals with our exclusive customised option for diabetic patients. Check out what our doctors and chefs have prepared to suit your diet.

Black Herbal Chicken Soup 黑草藥雞湯

This soup provides antioxidants and helps to replenish kidney functions for maintaining overall well-being.

Pork Rib Soup with Lotus Root and Tangerine Peel

This soup nourishes one of the body’s vital energy, named as “Qi”. This energy is important for protecting the blood circulation system to prevent blood stasis.

Herbal Essence
for Stroke Patients

Exclusively designed for stroke patients, give yourself a chance to transform your strength and recovery with our signature herbal essence cooking.


If none of the above options suit you, you can customised your meals based on your dietary requirements. Consult one of our Yong Kang TCM’s doctors or answer our questionnaire to find which meal best fits your body constitution.

Chicken Soup With White Fungus
And Coconut 银耳椰子鸡汤

This is useful for enhancing abdominal functions to increase body endurance against chemotherapy.

The Meals

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“Excellent service, food delivered on time and on top of it all delicious meals. Will definitely recommend for people looking for nourishing and wellness meals”


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