For your convenience, we provide answers to possibly asked common queries:

What is Rejuven and what do you specialise in?

Rejuven is a proud brand of ISO 22000:2005 certified RichFood Catering.

Rejuven will pioneer a healthy food delivery service based on TCM and age old proven recipes. As many face various health and time challenges, this convenient service will be beneficial to many to rejuvenate themselves to peak health again.

Is Rejuven new?

Rejuven is a new brand pioneering a new industry to rejuvenate and nourish consumers to peak health. It is also a brand of RichFood Catering, an established food group with more than a decade of experience.

How do I place an order?

Simply visit www.rejuven.sg and order a meal package that meets your needs, preference and schedule.

How do I know what is good for me?

Through TCM and age old recipes, we have put together special meals that will meet the health benefits you desire. For a detailed understanding, look up the information under Health Benefits in the website.

I am a vegan. Do I have options?

We are currently only preparing regular meals to meet customers needs. In the pipeline soon would be vegan options too. We will update this in our social media and other outreach.

What are the meal packages available?

Customers can choose to order either a single meal package (lunch or dinner) OR a twin meal package (lunch and dinner) to meet your preference and schedule.

What does a Rejuven meal consist of?

All meals come with 1 x serving of Brown Rice, 1 x serving of 700ml of Tea. White rice can be requested.

Can I request for a specific time to have my meal to be delivered to me?

That would not be possible as our delivery crew is assigned multiple meals to be delivered at one time.

However, we do try to ensure our customers receive their meal at around the same time daily. Do provide an allowance of 30-45 minutes due to bad weather and traffic condition. Your kind understanding is much appreciated.

How are the meals served to me?

Our meals are served in microwaveable disposable containers right to your doorstep. Liquids are sealed to prevent spillage.

Our delivery crew keeps the food warm in heat insulated carriers during their delivery process. Customers are given a complimentary thermal bag on the first day of delivery. They are advised to keep their food warm in the thermal bag if they are not consuming it immediately upon receipt.

Why are the meals not served in traditional tiffin carriers and thermal flasks?

This is for hygiene purpose and to reduce the hassle for our customers having to wash the carriers and thermal flasks after every meal.

Are the microwaveable disposable containers health hazardous?

Our microwaveable disposable containers are BPA free. However, we do not advise re-using them.

Do I have to return the thermal bag?

The thermal bag is yours to keep. You can use it to keep your food warm when you are outdoor in future.

Please leave the thermal bag provided at the door. Again, do keep the food in the thermal bag if not consumed immediately after receipt.

Does your food contain MSG?

We do not use MSG in our meals. Natural seasonings are used instead to enhance flavours.

Why do you not deliver to some parts of Singapore?

To ensure customers get their meals soonest possible, we avoid certain parts of Singapore that have high traffic flow or congestion that will delay subsequent deliveries.

Do you deliver on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we deliver daily except for the eve and the first three days of Chinese New Year.

Can I request for my meals to be delivered on weekdays only?

Yes, we will postdate the meals and have them delivered till the end of the number of meals that you have booked.

When do I have to make payment?

Full payment must be made upon confirmation of your booking to secure the allotted booking slot.

Can I terminate the rest of my meals even though I am only halfway through the package I have booked for?

All bookings made are deemed final. An administrative fee of $45.00 ($48.15 w/ GST) will be imposed for any termination or amendment. Any discount given will be voided. We will pro-rate the consumed meals at $35.00 ($37.45 w/ GST) per meal.


Enjoy the great tasting meals and feel the goodness of the nutrition helping you shape a stronger and healthier well being.