Stroke Patients Meal

Herbal Essence for Stroke Patients


To anyone who is battling stoke, let us be your pillar of support in your rehabilitation journey.

Our dedicated team of chefs and doctors are ready to transform your strength and recovery with our yummy nutritious meals from our special-crafted Herbal Essence package.

So brighten up your day by savouring yourself with some warm herbal delights. Let our meals be your go-to-companion as you move forward one step at a time. 

Herbal Essence for Stroke Patients Packages

Prices indicated are for 1 pax only

(Lunch OR Dinner)
28 DAYS$1,036.00
21 DAYS$787.50
14 DAYS$532.00
(Lunch & Dinner)
28 DAYS$1,960.00
21 DAYS$1,512.00
14 DAYS$1,036.00
7 DAYS$532.00

All meals come with:

1 x serving of herbal tonic soup
1 x serving of meat dish
1 x serving of vegetable dish
1 x serving of rice
2 x complimentary servings of daily tea (non-replaceable and non-exchangeable)

*All meals are packed in food grade disposable and microwaveable containers. It is advised to keep the food warm in thermal bag if not consumed immediately upon receipt.

Herbal Essence for Stroke Patients Menu

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